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WC Benefits: Always Get An Attorney

Posted on October 6, 2022 by Manuel Yoon

WC benefits are available to Ill or injured Employees in Each state and jurisdiction and exist to provide several key benefits:

- Continution of a employees pay (usually, the percent is two-thirds);

- Payment for medical expenses that relate to an accident or injury, rehabilitation therapy, and compensation for permanent injuries that may decrease or eliminate a workers ability to make what they earned before an incident.

Should you move on a WC benefit case without the support of a lawyer. No, and this is why:

- The WC system is an adversarial one from the very start. It sets the fiscal interests and concerns of a worker who has sustained a physical or psychological loss as the result of a work accident against the fiscal concerns of an employer.

- And the reason behind this is rather simple to understand: whenever a WC claim is filed and later won, an employer's premium cost rises. Because of this, an employer has every reason to NOT wish an injured receives the compensation to which they're entitled.

For this reason above any other reason, somebody that has been hurt at work, or who has suffered an illness that's the result of their particular work environment should immmediately check with an attorney who has trained in these matters.